The Politics of Humiliation: Historical Trajectories

Third Max Weber Lecture
Speaker: Ute Frevert (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)
22 November 2019, Jadunath Mu­seum and Resource Centre Kolkata and
25 November 2019, Goethe Institut New Delhi

The talk was about the power of public shaming and humiliation in the mod­ern world. Such strategies were either meant to punish and reintegrate a per­son, who had violated social norms, or to debase and stigmatize those whom others wanted to exclude from groups or society at large. The talk follows the development of such practices since the late eighteenth century in legal, education and foreign policies, mainly with regard to Europe, China, and India. It focused on the concept of human digni­ty and why this has become paramount.
Lecture Poster

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