Knowledge Production, Circulation, and Medialization

This focus area encompasses both the production and circulation of knowledges as well as their medialization. It addresses the topic of knowledges not from the top-down approach of its imparting or attestation, but by exploring the processes and structures of its study, and its flow across societies in South Asia and between South Asia and the wider world. Analysing knowledges from the bottom-up allows us to focus on its generativities and poeses, but also on the manifold paths that knowledges must treat in order to emerge in these forms. As with the other focus areas, we emphasize research with an interdisciplinary orientation, particularly combining approaches from history and cultural studies/ cultural anthropology. Research within this focus area inquires into the various manners in which knowledges have been and are created as well as constructed, studying both processes of generativity and of the recognition of the knowledges so created, including their subsumption in categories of knowledge that feed into patterns of informational circulation.


Sujeet George

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