Affiliated Fellows

Camille Buat (01.08.2021-31.12.2024)
Centre for Modern Indian Studies, Göttingen University
Project title: Covid-19, Migrant Labour and Social Welfare in India

Prerna Agarwal (Since 01.08.2022)
Centre for Modern Indian Studies, Göttingen University
Project title: India’s Long Emergency: The Postcolonial State, Labour and the Railway Strike of 1974.
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Anna Schnieder-Krüger (01.08.2022-30.09.2022)
Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region, Humboldt University, Berlin
Project title: India’s Students and the Meaning(s) of University

Paul Schrader (01.10.2022-30.09.2024)
University of Cologne
Project title: The Global Networks of Indian Experts of Maternal and Child Health, ca 1940-1970

Varsha Patel (01.12.2022-30.11.2024)
JNU Delhi
Project title: Cattle and Dairying in Colonial and Post-colonial India, 1900-1990
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M. Arshad Amanullah (01.09.2023-31.08.2025)
Centre For Contemporary Studies, Prime Ministers Museum and Library, New Delhi
Project title: The Pasmanda Factor in the Indian Political Communication: Documenting and Decoding Bharatiya Janata Party’s Outreach to the Pasmanda Muslims of India.

Riddhi Bhandari (01.03.2024-28.02.2025)
Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities, O. P. Jindal Global University
Project title: Towards a Pedagogy of Care–Capacity Building in Indian Higher-ed Academia for Ethical and Inclusive Pedagogical Framework

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