Retrieving Past Lives from Jamia – Tazkirah-e Jamia

This project brings together memories relating to the founders and the subsequent builders of Jamia Millia Islamia, but also relating to the many who worked with them in less prominent positions, teachers, librarians, administrators, and staff. It works as a repository, guiding scholars and those interested in the history of the Jamia to the available sources, but it also aims at making available and generating new sources, through interviews and by encouraging people to put their memories to paper.

The project is a common initiative by the Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies (MWF Delhi) and the Centre de Sciences Humaines, both in Delhi.


Dr. Laurence Gautier, Centre de Sciences Humaines, Delhi (
Dr. Soheb Niazi, Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies (MWF Delhi), Delhi (
Prof. Dr. Margrit Pernau, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin (

Board of Advisors:
Dr. Sayeda Hamid
Jamal Kidwai
Saif Mahmud
Prof. Nishat Zaidi
Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil
Dr. Mohammad Talib

Archival Consultants

Amera Khatoon
Prof. (Retd.) Ghazanfar Zaidi
Raza Mehdi

How can you become involved?

There are numerous ways in which you can become part of the Tazkirah-e Jamia Project.
Please contact us, if you are thinking about contributing in any of these formats:

  • personal memories or accounts of experiences of people associated with Jamia,
  • articles on or interviews of important members of the Jamia community,
  • private collections that may include images, letters or correspondences.
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